Signing Clients in Under 24 Hours

See how a web development agency signed a client worth $24k in under 24h with a single Videospark video

The Video

Ammo Studio is a full-stack web development agency that designs and builds custom websites for startups. They came to Videospark with the goal of creating a video showcasing their best projects in an engaging format that could be posted organically on social channels. We produced a video for them, and the founder posted it as soon as it was complete.

Within 4 hours of posting to an audience of just under 4k followers, the video had organically generated inbound traffic to their project inquiry form, and within 24 hours they signed a $2k / month retainer deal.

“Most of our retainer clients stay on for 8 to 12 months, which should result in $16-24k in total revenue from this one lead” - Diego Diaz, Founder of Ammo Studio

Not only did Ammo start generating leads immediately, but based on the price of the project Ammo studio may see nearly a 700% return. See more of what Diego had to say about using Videospark below.

success story