Video is complicated,
let us simplify it for you.

You know you need videos, but you don’t know
where to start...

We created the solution.

No more guessing
We don’t just create videos. We’ll help you brainstorm ideas, messaging and even where to use them.
No limits
We don’t limit the number of video ideas, requests, or changes you have.
Uncapped ROI
Some of our videos have generated thousands of dollars in inbound business

Everything you need,
when you need it.

Webinar Repurposing
Founder Interviews
Motion Ads
Website Loops
Video + Ad Copy

How it works

What you say is just as important as how you say it. We create custom scripts based on your product positioning and target audience.
Every vision is different. We create still frames of your video beforehand to lock in the art direction of each project. Unlimited revisions included.
Motion Design
After scripting and storyboarding, your video comes to life and gets formatted into optimized resolutions based on social distribution.
Videospark was the obvious choice for a video partner. They helped us generate hundreds of signups and they do incredible work extremely fast!
Videospark transformed what initially felt like a daunting challenge into a straightforward process, resulting in videos that captured our brand’s spirit
Quicklines AI
Videospark made a launch ad for our software that added over $60k in ARR in under a month.

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How do I purchase a video?

Submit the form in the get started section above. If you're a fit, you will be directed to book your free 30 minute consult with us.

How does pricing work?

We do custom pricing based on what you need. Typically, it's based on length and number of videos needed. Our minimum fee is $2k.

Do I really have to book a call?

Yes. By talking with us there is a lesser chance of being overcharged or misunderstood when it comes to your project needs. If we're not a fit we'll be giving you free guidance as well.

How do revisions (changes) work?

We do not limit changes on scripts and storyboards. Once we create your video, each one will come with a set number of revisions.

How long does each video take?

You will receive your scripts within 24 hours, the storyboard within a week, and the video a week after that.

Do you have a guarantee?

Our service is non-refundable and we do not have a guarantee due to the creative nature of the product. We have a very high reputation on Twitter and in the community.

Do you outsource labor?

No. We have a small and highly experienced, in-house team.

Can I get paid for referrals?

Yes, submit your information by the get started section.